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Okay, new release I just had to share. If you're as much as a beauty junkie as I am, you'll probably have at least heard of, one of the best free-delivery beauty sites that stocks Urban Decay, Stila and brands that are a little harder to get hold of, like China Glaze or Paul and Joe. However, I stumbled upon a new brand from Beauty Bay itself, named 'The Collection'.

The line itself isn't very large, but they have makeup, nails, accessories and hair tools. But, everything is super affordable (£4-£15) so I'm defo making an order soon. The most intriguing 'dupe' products for me are the three £15 each eyeshadow palettes, which from online pictures look very similar to the three NAKED palettes? New dupes? Plus they have two tangle-teezer-esque brushes for £5 and a beauty blender copy for £5!

On my hit list: Lip & Eye Primer £4, Nail Polish in Times Square £5, Detangling Brush Large £5

Will you be trying this line? What's on your hit list?

Love, L X


  1. This looks good, love the look of the palettes, thanks Lizzie! :)

    Beauty by Alice | Blog | YouTube | xxx

  2. Me too - but there are so many other dupes, aren't there? Can't wait to see what other people think/swatches x


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