The Weekend Post #2: My Week in Pictures

 For this Weekend Post I thought I'd show you some pictures from my Winter break. It was so great, and although we had to cancel our weekend away due to my uncle's accident, we still had a great Christmas between home and the hospital, so I thought I'd share. (sadly for you, the hospital wouldn't let me photograph my uncle's awsome looking leg, which is currently in a cage with pins holding it together. To me, it looks awsome, but to some of you, it'd probably look gross. I'll leave you with that mental image!)

 Rummikub, oh how I love and despise you!
 My everyday evening - feta, tomatoes and Wonderful-You.
 My Christmas goodies (elaborated on here)
 Christmas PJs
Good Morning (ie let me sleep face)
 OOTD - Christmas Day
 *surprised face*
FOTD - Christmas Day
selfie - I look weird with my eyes closed!
table decor
 gingham - my idea.
 cards in the hall - dad's idea
 my teddy in nan's slippers - grandad's idea
tree and cards
 new jammies!

What did you get up to this Christmas?

Love, L X

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