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I've started a new series for A Blushing Blonde - it's called 'The Touch-Up Bag' and they'll be seasonal. I always carry a little makeup bag with me containing a few items to turn my day look into a night look quickly, and those products tend to chage a few times a year. I thought I'd share what's in my touch up bag with you all!

Hair: Toni & Guy Glamour Firm Hold Hairspray (50ml)
I tend to wear my hair up in the day and down at night but to add some glamour to messier hair (or, in winter, hat hair), I like to smooth it down but add volume with hairspray, and this one from Toni & Guy isn't crunchy but adds a bit of life into dead, end of the day locks.

Makeup: Clinique High Impact Mascara, MUA Eyebrow Pencil in Blonde, Seventeen Supreme Shine Lipstick in Deep Secret
I don't like to faff about with eyeshadow when I only have a few minutes in the ladies' loos so I tend to go for a bolder lip instead - my choice is Seventeen's 'Deep Secret' as it's easy to apply (the packaging is a mirror!) and the colour is just gorgeous! To add some definition to my eyes I like bolder brows, and the pencil I chose was the MUA pencil as it's only £1 and has a brush on the end. Then, finally, to build up them lashes I apply a couple extra coats of Clinique's High Impact Mascara as it doesn't go clumpy and doesn't smudge.

Nails: Nails Inc. Glamour Glitter
If I have time I'll paint on a glitzy top coat to make my talons sparkle - I find a bit of glitter makes everything more polished (get it?).

Fashion: Statement Necklace
My favourite way to make a casual outfit a bit dressier is with a piece of statement jewellry - it's so simple yet so effective and it's not too much hassle to carry a necklace or two to jazz up an outfit.
What do you carry in your touch-up bag?

Love, E X

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