Essence in the UK Haul (from Wilko)

I seriously wish my mother had photographed my face when I caught sight of the new Essence stand in a Wilko on a shopping trip near where my Grandma lives (they're few and far between in London unless you fancy a trip out into Fulham?). Apparently I "lit up like a box of matches" and I'm not surprised: Essence has only recently been released in the UK and although it's not the full line there's a good selection of products in Wilko stores (think Maybelline in a small Boots) and Wilko always have good offers on - I picked my bits up on a 3for2 deal, but the line is so cheap anyway! From what I could tell prices ranged from around £1 to £4 so similar to MUA.

My first choice was something I hadn't heard too much about - the Stay Natural concealer. This only cost £2 and is one of the best under eye concealers I have ever tried (and y'all know I'm a concealer junkie). It's a good shade match - I have 03 Soft Nude which is pretty pale, so I can only imagine what 01 is like as there wasn't a tester). The consistency is thick without looking cakey and isn't drying at all so looks natural, and doesn't crease which is essential for long days working//hot summer days. A winner if ever I found one!

 I had to pick up the All About Matt powder, didn't I? They had a few powders, with this being one of the 'pricier' options at £3. I've heard so many youtubers rave about this powder and I have to say I'm impressed - it keeps me matte and prevents oiliness without looking cakey, and I keep it as a touch-up powder in my bag. I would compare it to 17 Miracle Matte and have seen it duped for the Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot if you can't get your mitts on this one.

I needed a third item for my 3for2 deal, so naturally I picked up an eye primer as I'm always intrigued as to how they handle my super oily lids. This is the I *heart* Stage primer and costs £2.50 so is one of the cheapest on the market. The shade is quite dark and orangey but blended out looks natural and when covered with eyeshadow is invisible (obviously, Liz). It keeps my shadows crease-free for a day out but it won't last into the evening too, however Too Faced Shadow Insurance copes the same. So, a good product but not a stunner, but if you have averagely oily eyelids this will work very well.

Have you picked up any Essence items? Do I need to make another trip to Grandma's to pick anything else up?

Love, E X


  1. I need a drive up to Wilko now-the stay natural concealer sounds fab!
    L xo

    1. it really is good, defo worth the drive! X


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