Primark Haul September/October 2014 inc Autumn New Clothing

 Hello Primark fans! Today I have a haul of some things I picked up a weekend ago - I didn't want to share underwear on the internet, but Primark have some new colours of their bargain £3 bra-and-pants sets if you're interested, as they're good quality undies! Onto the clothes anyhow...


First was a backcombing brush - I can't believe I don't own one of these, but I saw a 'cutegirlshairstyles' video where she did a really gorgeous voluminous ponytail using backcombing and a hair grip, and I wanted to do it on myself so this should be good. Next was this beautiful statement necklace which was pretty cheap at £5 - it is covered in gems, pink and grey plastic gems and other jewels.

I think that necklace will look amazing with this jumper - it's a super simple slim fit, with almost too-long sleeves which gives a comfy-casual look. It was such a bargain at £6 that I needed another colour... 

... so I picked up the navy too! This one suits me a bit better than the grey, but I love them both and they'll be my uniform for the autumn - I need every colour now!

I also picked up a pack of 3 black scrunchies for £1 which are perfect for jazzing up school hairstyles.

Last thing is this 'halter vest dress' - it was on sale for £2 so I couldn't say no (it was only £3.50 originally anyway!). I'm not sure about it just yet - it's quite short so bear that in mind, and there is a bit of pant-exposure as it's not totally opaque, and size up because the 12 and the 18 look exactly the same. I think this will be a party dress worn with tights and a jacket, with a statement necklace... obviously!

I'm very tempted by the winter coats in Primark... baby blue and checkered, you will be mine!

Have you picked up anything from Primark recently?

Love, E X


  1. I haven't really shopped in Primark in ages but you got some lovely pieces here so I might take a look. I really want new jumpers so I might try and get the one you picked up, the grey looks lovely!

    Lauren |

    1. They're really soft, good quality if you're in the market for knitwear - definitely have a look, Primark do have some lovely Autumnal pieces :) x


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