Toni&Guy GLAMOUR Volume Plumping Whip Review

Okay, let's define my hair type before we review a hair product - I have loooong (like, super-long), mid-tone blonde, normal-greasiness, normal thickness hair. I tend to wash it in the evenings then let it dry overnight so wasn't sure how I would like this product but I have to say, it's pretty impressive.

Basically, it's a very weird thin pomade-like consistency of which you take a small amount and apply it to towel-dried hair and then blow dry for a lot of volume and thickness at the roots. When used correctly this works a treat at getting a lot of oomph in your hair, especially before curling to give it a bit more vava-voom! I haven't found that it makes my hair greasy or oily at the roots which is good, and I can't feel it in my hair. 

I love this product and think it will last quite a while, although at £7.19 it won't exactly break the bank to repurchase!

What are your hair favourites?

Love, E X

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