Top 10 Under £10 Beauty Products

A suggestion on my recent (now closed) giveaway was to do a 'top 10 under £10' post which I thought would be fun, so thanks to you if you suggested it! In no particular order, my 10 favourites are:

1 - Rimmel SunShimmer BB Tan @ £6.99 - I find the shades to be very similar, so just go for whichever you like the look of, but these blend easily, remove easily with shower gel and look really natural - no streaks, no weird blotchiness and they don't cling to dry patches! I loved these in the summer, but sometimes on a night out it's nice to get your arms or shoulders out in winter, and this adds a little more colour.

2 - Essie Nail Polishes @ £7.99 - it's no secret that I love a but of essie, and my favourite shades at the moment are stylenomics (not pictured but is a deep green) and mademoiselle for everyday. The large brush and fast drying formula really makes essie THE brand when it comes to nails.

3 - Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks @ £8 - I pretty much wear the 'nudist' shade of these everyday as it's such a gorgeous colour, but the other shades bring it too when it comes to glossy, amazingly scented lip products that are really easy to apply, even in a car without a mirror (it's been tested).

4 - Witch BB Cream @ £6.99 - if you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll recognise this one; it's an old favourite but to this day remains in my everyday school makeup routine and is my favourite bb cream for its skincare and coverage benefits.

5 - Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub @ £5.50 - to the surprise of many, I'm not a big lushie and can't bring myself to shell out near £4 for one bath bomb (maybe as a treat, or for a special occasion though... *imagines birthday bath full of pink glitter*), however, I do love their lip scrubs, especially the popcorn flavour, as they do a much better job than an at-home remedy and they taste so darn good!

6 - Seventeen BackLash Mascara @ £6.49 - as a free gift, I was so impressed with this mascara offering from budget brand Seventeen: the wand is big, but adds a certain flutteryness, and the formula is dry enough to grip to my lashes without flaking: if you have stubborn lashes like mine, give this a go!

7 - Soap and Glory The Fab Pore Mask @ £10 - another soap and glory product, but this is my favourite 'morning' mask - makeup applies beautifully after this mask has been left on the skin for around 15 mins as it decreases the appearance of pore size and smoothes over rough patches, so it's a good saturday morning or pre-party mask.

8 - Bourjois Cream Blush @ £7.99 - I have the shade 'Nude Velvet' and by Lord is it a babe of a shade - it perks up the cheeks without making you resemble Aunt Sal', and is super easy to apply just with fingers or a duo-fibre brush.

9 -The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil @ £10 - another oldie but goody, this is my second bottle of the stuff but it removes makeup and my everyday waterproff mascara amazingly, and I feel like it's nourishing my skin in the process.

10 - Real Techniques Expert Face Brush @ £9.99- great with cream blush, contour, foundation, concealer or powder foundation (which my mother loves it for), this brush is one of the most multi-purpose products I've found in my beauty-loving years, and I need a second one so I don't have to wash it so often!

What are your favourite products under a tenner?

Love, E X

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