L'Oreal True Match Foundation HONEST Review

True Match and I haven't really got on too well. I thought it was just me, but since Natalie from Thunderl0ve (who is my major girlcrush, btw) uploaded this Hot or Not video, I found more people who didn't understand the hype, just like me.

I find that pretty much all elements of this foundation are just wrong for me - application doesn't work with fingers, brushes, sponges (which I detest using anyway due to bacteria build-up): nothing makes this apply smoothly or blends it properly. Then once it is somewhat-blended, the shade is not at all my 'true match' - the W (warm) shades are far too yellow, the C (cool) shades are wayyyy too pink and the N (neutral) shades sway too pink-toned aswell (I have N1 and it still isn't pale enough). It lasts a couple hours on my skin before wearing away to an oily mess, even with a serious powdering with my Seventeen powder which never fails me otherwise. The finish, even straight after application, looks a bit of a weird powdery-matte-oily finish anyway, and doesn't suit my skin at all. Any uneven texture and it clings to it and accentuates it.

I'm sorry to be ranty, but this really didn't live up to the hype around it at all and disappointed me thoroughly. Sorry lovers of L'Oreal, but I can't join you.

Do you have any foundation recommendations for me?

Love, E X

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