My 5 Shoe Staples for Autumn/Winter

 If you've known me for a while then you'll know that I was never a 'shoes person' - I was always a 'bags person' then recently I've switched. Now I have so many pairs of everyday shoes and not enough days to wear them! Here I have compiled my top 5 pairs that get (or will get) the most wear in the a/w season(s).


First are my favourite comfy shoes for popping to the shops or any form of exercise - my Primark trainers. They were super cheap and, as you can see, are very well loved. They are literally the comfiest things ever to walk in and I wear them way more often than I should, but the most stylish people are those who are the comfiest in their own clothes. I should probably invest in a better pair of trainers (read: I want Nike Freeruns) but these'll do me for now!

Next are the 'simple flats' - these are actually my school shoes, a pair of plain black loafers from Clarks which I can easily slip on and off, run in (if I'm late, which I often am), and just generally walk around in with comfort. These are leather, and are definitely a style I would wear outside of school too with dresses, skirts etc.

Probably my most worn pair of shoes are these Dorothy Perkins Brown Boots from last season. I love them, and wear them all the time, all seasons, with everything. They are my complete essential bootie and I will wear them until they fall apart!

My brogues don't seem all that worn - that's because these are a new pair from Primark as I wore my last ones down! I love brogues with dresses and skirts to add a flirty, girly edge but still feeling like you're in trainers!

Last up are my fairly new Primark heeled chelsea boots - they are easy to walk in, comfy (theme?) and the sole is thick enough that I know they're not crap quality. I will get a ton of wear out of these with skinny trousers, dresses, skirts, shorts and tights, all sorts this winter!

What are your favourite shoes?

Love, E X


  1. How much did the Primark chelsea boots cost? X

    1. Oh gosh was so long ago - they were between £10 and £15 I think (or I wouldn't have bought them!), but I have seen some in there more recently around the £15 mark. x


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