10 Things That Make Me Happy (September 2014 Edition)

New post theme yay! This is a new post that you'll see popping up here and there every few months called '10 Things' which could be all sorts of random things in 10s so yah this is the first post which is 10 Things That Make Me Happy...

1.) Chocolate - I am a big chocoholic and I blame most of my skin issues on it, however I'm trying to eat a little healthier which makes having chocolate a luxury and henceforth it makes me even happier than it did before!

2.) Comedy - I recently watched the old Michael McIntyre Roadshow as it was playing on the BBC and, bearing in mind I've seen this about 20 times, I was in fits and my father could not calm me down.

3.) Facts - when anyone needs cheering up I crack out this book of 1227 Facts and, nerdy as it sounds, the randomness of them really cheers them up, always. And therefore it works if I'm that person too.

4.) Finding my ring - a bit weird, but I wore my crappy old turqoise stone ring every single day... until I sat on it and it broke. Having a similar one of my finger makes me very happy indeed, I feel like me again.

5.) Late nights snapchatting - I am constantly snapchatting people, especially my best friend Harry who seems to always want to chat at about 11pm - late, but no one makes me laugh quite like my Hazza and it's well worth the undereye circles for those giggles.

6.) Girly days in - Bex (who is more like my sister than best mate) and I love our girly days in, watching romcoms, Jeremy Kyle and Melissa & Joey, eating pizza and gossiping. Last time she experimented with curling my hair... 2 hours later it looked really pretty, but ain't nobody got time for what happened in-between!

7.) Smelling goooooood - I love a spritz of perfume in the morning and it really makes me feel a bit more like myself, plus everyone seems to comment on how good I smell, which can only be a good thing.

8.) Singing along to Ed Sheeran - seriously, this man's music brings out so many emotions in me, and I love the new X album, especially 'Tenerife Sea', 'Afire Love' and 'Photograph'.

9.) Country walks - now it's getting colder I won't be able to venture out as much, but I love a walk through the countryside near where my grandparents live: there's a lovely footpath through a golf course where you often find discarded golf balls which make an interesting room decoration... 

10.) Writing posts on here - yes, cliche, I know, but I love all you followers so much, and having this blog as a creative outlet makes my life a whole lot better and every +1, comment, like, follow and favourite gives me such an amazing feeling, I really do mean it when I say thanks and I love you.

What makes you happy?

Love, E X


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