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Despite trying to make this blog less beauty-focused, I have been shopping shopping. And not only am I coming at you with a haul, but there are also mini-reviews here! *WOOP!*
Eylure Lashes No.116 and No.070, £5.35 each (Superdrug)
I've never been all that fussed over false eyelashes, but seeing as my 'prom' was coming up, I thought that I'd delve into this new exciting world of falsies: big mistake. The 'lengthening' 116s (which were recommended to me) are far far too long (so much so that on my hooded eyes they hit my eyebrows) and the 70s just felt like too much. #FAIL. But at least I tried.
Duo Eyelash Adhesive, £4.99 (Superdrug)
For the aforementioned lashes - it's now just going to live at the back of a drawer, until I decide to try individual lashes again (which I did like).
La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+], £10.33 (FeelUnique)
I felt like I needed another tube of this crack of a serum after my last one ran out, and I'm so glad I have this baby back, but more on that in a post next week!
Balance Me Radiance Face Oil, £30 (FeelUnique)
My love for this oil runs as deep as my love for salted caramel cupcakes - and that's digging-to-China deep! It has really helped to keep those nasty under the skin spots away and makes my skin super glowy, even if it is on the pricey side.
Ren Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial, £32 (FeelUnique)
I had to try this wonder-product after reading so many fabulous reviews on it. It smells lush, is a super light consistency and does leave my skin feeling smoother, although I'm going to have to keep testing until it has my total seal of approval!
Batiste Floral Dry Shampoo, £2.99 (Boots)
Where would we be without dry shampoo? Batiste is by far the best (I am a blonde though so the white colour doesn't show on me), and even during only a week without it, I am lost. Greasy hair reigned, as laziness trumps appearance every single time. This new scent is quite nice, but the 'original' is always my favourite.
Anthropologie Mini Capri Blue 'Coastal' Candle, £10 (Anthropologie)
This was a treat for me from my lovely Grandmother when we were in town a couple of weeks ago, as I just couldn't stop shoving my nose into this candle - despite the gorgeous copper lid and summery packaging, it was the scent that really drew me in: there is something seriously nostalgic about this candle for me. Anthropologie describes it as having 'notes of pineapple, verbena and coconut, accented by sparkling lemon, bergamot and grapefruit' so it's all around very summery and I cannot stop burning it!

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