The Highlights: Late June-Mid July

So far, July has been a pretty fab month, as was June. I finished my exams and "work" at the end of June so now I am finally free of GCSE stress and nonsense and can finally start my summer (even though today it decided to chuck it down - well done British summer). But here are 5 things that are making my life good.

Number 1 is the party one of my besties had to celebrate the end of exams (gal with the amazing purple hair - creds to moi, may I add?). Yes, we may have got a tad tipsy, but if you don't do it now, when will you? We had a great night in her garden blasting music and eating cookies (she lives outside London so we tend to use hers when it's warmer out!). 

Number 2 fabby thing was finding this super cute t shirt dress in H&M for only £13! The difference between medium and small sizes was huge so I opted for the small. It's a really good length and *luckily* the stripes on this don't make my boobs look huge (as a lot of stripy items do!).

Another good thing is that I have been able to get my sleep back - going to bed late and getting up early during exam time made my body clock go completely crazy, but now I can sleep in if I need to, and didn't set alarms for my first week off to let my body go back to normal - and it feels great!
This montage is good thing number 4 and was a night at a concert held by one of my 'sister schools'. I got to see a lot of my favourite people and ate some amazing food thanks to my bestie Zay's fabulous mum.

My final good thing was my prom earlier this month, that I have no pictures from because my phone died moments before I left (Mr Genius Bar has since fixed it) however it was one of the best nights of my life, everyone looked so pretty, the food was good, and I managed to get a dance with everyone I love from my year: it made me realise just how much I'm going to miss everyone! *cue sentimental thoughts*

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