How to: Tame Frizz and Flyaways

I never had a problem with frizzy hair until a couple of years ago: my blonde locks had always been naturally poker straight and flat. But now with frizziness comes waviness and flyaways - the worst!
I've figured out a few ways of taming this fluffy hair, the first being to thoroughly condition your hair. I tend to use intensive conditioners every time I wash my hair (2-3 times a week) and not to wash it too often, or use too much dry shampoo: one of my favourite masks is the Josh Wood Blonde Glossing Mask, from M&S. I also like leave-in conditioners to keep my hair super sleek, and the Toni&Guy one is particularly good.
Oils are another one of my best tools for combatting the frizz, as they tend to smooth everything down, and also leave my hair super soft. And buying oils won't break the bank either: this Superdrug Macadamia oil is less than a fiver and works amazingly.
Another trick is to use pomades, which have been one of my must-haves since the low-ponytail was a thing. They hold flyaways down without looking greasy or making hair crispy like hairsprays, and you can find them very cheaply from brands like VO5.
My last tip is to carry a spoolie and hairspray with you to brush back flyaways and smooth the lengths of your hair down throughout the day. The spoolie (or toothbrush, alternatively) is perfect for disguising the flyaways from ponytails or buns without leaving tell-tale bumps.

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