Christmas Wishlist

I love Christmas, but since it was recently my birthday, I find it hard to think of ideas to put on my wishlist. Fastforward three hours and a lot of Google searching and I have enough things that I want to encompass a blog post. Let's begin...
First up: beauty. I love my makeup and skincare etc but my hair always takes a backseat so I could really use some more shampoo and conditioner - it doesn't have to be anything fancy, just some nice smelling ones from Boots, preferably either volumising or smoothing. I'd also like a few new makeup brushes; the eylure eyebrow wand is a great cheaper alternative to the Anastasia one, and I've heard great things about the Zoeva Silk Finish Brush 102 and the Luxe Highlight 105 so would like those, as well as a nice new lipbalm, possibly the cult Nuxe one, as my lips are awful at the moment. The Caudalie Beauty Elixir is such a luxury purchase for me, but one I think would be lovely to receive as a gift, similarly the Nars And God Created the Woman Palette is something I would love to have in my collection (but I will totally buy this for myself if it wasn't under the tree come Christmas morning!).
I'm all about that stationery at the moment so could really do with some more mechanical pencils, a sharpener and some square sticky notes as there's never enough room in my diary! A few more exciting stationery bits are these copper paperclips from Paperchase which look incredible and will be perfect for fastening sheets together instead of using staples then messing page corners up when you try to remove them, and washi tapes from Ohh Deer which are so adorable and will be amazing at making my agendas look a little more fun! Perhaps the most exciting thing for me are some Pilot V Pens in black as I found a pink one the other day and LOVE IT but they are a little pricier than your average pen (found them for about £2.50 on Amazon though!). I could also do with some notecards as you never know when you need to send a thank-you note to someone!

We'll call the next category 'things to wear': I'm dying for some new slippers as mine are falling apart! I'd like either little ones that are like ballet flats or some ones that are similar to the Ugg slippers with the memory foam soles. I'd also love to receive a watch - not an expensive one, just something simple with a round face and numbers, but I'm too spoilt for choice! I think a dainty bracelet would really compliment any outfit, and Lily Rose Co. do a lovely copper one (along with some fun Gossip Girl pencils!). I'm also on the hunt for an initial keyring as I love anything with an E on it - just like this coaster from Oliver Bonas which would be perfect for sitting earrings or candles on.

The rest is all a bit miscellaneous; I'd really like a couple more books, including a Dream Dictionary as I have such strange dreams (Topshop has one called Dreamopedia but there are lots out there!) and the humorous 'Quarter Life Poetry' as I love alternative poetry and these seem so witty! Randomly, I'd like a fake vine to put in a pot and hang over my drawer unit to add some greenery to my bedroom. I've been very stressed lately and doing a puzzle really helped, so I think a large jigsaw might be nice to do for an hour or so in the evening to help me to relax, along with a Calligraphy set as I know how popular the hobby is and would like to give it a go myself - it might be a nice thing to pass the time with in that weird week between Christmas and New Year!

Finally, I think that when people buy me unicorn soft toys it shows that thought has gone into the gift, as they must know that I collect them, so I'd love to receive another little friend to add to the group! I'd also like a glass water bottle as I know they're heavy but I read a study on how plastic water bottle are awful for your gums and there is a correlation between use of plastic water bottles and mouth cancer (what a lovely note to end on Liz!) but perhaps it would be cheaper to pick one up myself from Selfridges Food Hall? Finally, I'd really like a new lampshade, preferably a neutral shade in a geometric shape, and a blind for my bedroom window, as curtains are a nightmare to find and a blind seems simpler and more minimal.

What are you asking Santa for this Christmas?

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