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So I haven't talked about brushes too much on my blog before so I thought I'd start with a simple 'My Everyday Brushes' post - I hope you enjoy.

I love makeup brushes and always like finding good deals and bargains. Real Techniques is my favourite brand as they're really affordable and made of synthetic materials (talkon?). I love them and cannot recommend them enough. This ebay seller makes dupe brushes if you're interested in those or cannot stretch to the RT ones.

Face Brushes (left, top-bottom)

Real Techniques Powder Brush - £12.99 from Boots
This is so soft and big a fluffy that it coats my face in powder in four sweeps!

Real Techniques Blush Brush - £9.99 from Boots
I love this for powder blush and bronzer as it's big enough to provide an even wash of colour without being too big so that is covers my entire cheek in patchy pink! An essential for all beginners, it can be used for powder, blush, bronzer and even highlighter!

Real Techniques Buffing Brush - Core Collection £21.99 from Boots
First I used this for foundation - now I use it for cream blush as it buffs it in naturally and leaves a really even finish.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - £9.99 from Boots
An amazing brush for foundation as it applys it naturally and evenly (3rd time, now!). The perfect brush for buffing and painting on foundations!

e.l.f studio stipple brush - £3.75 from
This is my go-to for lighter coverage foundations/bb creams as it leaves a really dewy finish and doesn't cake my face in makeup, which is never a good look!

Real Techniques Detailer Brush - Core Collection £21.99 from Boots
I love this for pinpoint concealing - great for more natural looks and for lip colours. A real must-have brush.

Eye Brushes (left to right)

Real Techiques Base Shadow Brush - Starter Set £21.99 from Boots
This is my cheaper alternative to the MAC 217 - it is fluffy enough for blending but dense enough for packing shadow onto the lid. I love this for quick, everyday eye looks.

Bella Pierre Eyeliner Brush - £14.99 from
I love this for my eyebrows and for eyeshadow as eyeliner
on my upper lash line - it is very dense and easy to use for precision.

e.l.f eye crease brush - £1.50 from
This is fab for putting colour on the lower lash line - the perfect size, density and handle length for the perfect application. For £1.50 it really can't be beaten!

Bella Pierre Eyeshadow Brush - £14.99 from
I love this for putting colour in the crease as it fits right in there and works a treat - found mine at TKMaxx!

TIGER Flat Brush - £1.00 from Tiger Stores
For cream shadow this is great as it applys a wash of colour without it looking patchy. A great cheap brush.

TIGER Spoolie - £1.00 from Tiger Stores
A spoolie is a necessity as it combs through my unruly brows perfectly leaving them normal-looking - this one is really soft too!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post - any suggestions please email me or leave a comment below, I'll always reply!

Love, Lizzie x

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