Weekend Haul | Barnado's, Poundland, WHSmith and Superdrug

I know it's not the weekend (sob x) but I wanted to show you a few bits I bought last weekend from a few places.


I picked up this super adorable card in a charity shop near me - Barnado's to be exact. It was only 79 pence - bargain! - and will come in handy for summer birthdays.

In poundland I found a dew bargains - these Kleenex Facial Towlette have been in the 99p store too so are they being discontinued? I picked up a couple of boxes because they cleanse a lot deeper than a cotton pad. I also picked up this Beauty Formulas Cooling Mist which is basically just de-ionised water in a spray can but was much cheaper than ones from evian and avene but is super refreshing on hot days - I keep it in my school bag. I also bought these 3 toothbrushes from Wisdom as we're planning a few summer trips and I always need a new toothbrush when I go on holiday otherwise packing gets a bit awkward - packing carry-on luggage post is being planned at the mo. I also bought a boring one but an essential - cotton buds. I use these for clearing up makeup mistakes, nail polish removal and, obviously, cleaning out my ears (ewwww!).

A great deal this month if you're in the UK is Marie Claire Magazine for £3.80. A advert-filled mag but the free gifts are great! Two ciate nail polishes - cookies and cream and caviar pearls - plus Oral B Pro Expert All Around Protection toothpaste sample and John Frieda Everlasting Blonde shampoo and conditioner samples! Fabby!

+++ John Lewis' free magazine contains a sample of the NUDE Perfect Cleansing Oil - pick yours up in a John Lewis today!


Then in Superdrug I purchased the B. Micellar Water on the recommendation of LauraLovesBeauty and I have to say it is so much more cleansing than the L'Oreal one and is a great quick fix. Then a bargainous £6 palette is this Look Beauty Mini Makeover Palette - great for travel, this compact palette similar to the Khroma Kardazzles contains 4 lip colours, 8 eyeshadows and 1 blush! Amazing! It comes in 3 shades for different eye colours and the pigmentation is fabulous! Then lastly I picked up a Dove Summer Glow in the light/medium shade to add a bit of colour to my snow-white legs for the shorts season.

I hope you enjoyed reading and follow this blog via bloglovin to the right.
PS Do you like these short weekend hauls more regularly (ie every other week) or larger hauls less regularly (ie once every two months)? Let me know in a comment and I'll be sure to reply and check out your blog.


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    1. I love a good bargain! Thanks for commenting! I'm a Max Factor foundation addict too - I love the Facefinity!


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