Weekend Haul #3 | Boots, Primark, Debenhams

 I've done it again - I went shopping. Hi, I'm Lizzie and (as well as being a concealahoic) I am a shopaholic. OMG I need a spending ban but I couldn't do it. Plus summer is coming and I'll be spending tonnes then too - seriously, I need help.

Anyway I have an excuse - hauling blog posts!!!

First up is Primark (or Primarni, if you're posh). I finally found the cut-out lace-esque dress in the coral shade that I've been hunting for ages! I have a cobalt blue one and wear it all the time plus it's only £5! Bargainous! Then I found this lovely snood with a really girly marker pen heart design - these are super comfy and great for £4. The hairbrush is a must - my hairbrush is in a disastrous state and needs to take a jump into hairbrush heaven (ie the bin). For £1.50 you can't go wrong in Primark. The blue spotty thing is a shopping bag that folds up so you can keep it in your handbag for when you have extra shopping//a primark bag threatening to break//a shop that's trying to charge you 20p for a bag when you only have a magazine - my mum has two and after stealing them on every shopping spree I thought I'd buy my own for £1.

 The real damage was done in Boots where offers were found and therefore purchses were made. The crisps are my new addiction - sea salt and black pepper is so yummy. I also need a box of tissues during hayfever season - these cute ones with a pink birds design were 2 for £1.99. Makeup remover is a must and this oil-based one from Garnier was BOGOF (buy one get one free) or £2.99 each and is fab.
Then the fun starts...

I bought this St Tropez bronzing mitt as it was cheap at £2.99 and will prevent streaking when I decide to break out Dove Summer Glow for my holidays.
A rave from Amelia Liana. Lily Pebbles and Anna (Vivianna) is the Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Pink. I love this as it is creamy and still sticky so stays put on lips and cheeks - a gorgeous colour too for £6.99.
Then a repurchase is the Natural Collection Pressed Powder in Neutral - the best powder as it doesn't ever look cakey and doesn't add too much colour plus it's only £1.99 but I got it for 99p on a buy one get one half off deal on cosmetics.

The last two bits are from Nip+Fab (which I always assumed was just for celulite creams?). I found these in Debenhams on about 75% off so that made them about £2.00 each - bargains! The two things were the Clean Fix Oil and the Shine Fix primer-esque cream - both look really cool and I can't wait to try them!

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What have you bought recently? What do you want to try? What's on your wishlist?

Love Lizzie x 

PS: Thank you for the amazing response to my 'Dupes for essie nail colours' post - would you like another?

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