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 As a big fan of natural, no-makeup makeup, I naturally love tinted lip balms as they add a hint of colour and still moisturising the lips anyway.

So here are a few of my favourites, ranging in price and pigmentation.

 First up is the Sleek Makeup Pout Polish SPF15 in the shade 'Frosting'. I love this because it is only £4.49, is super moisturising and the colour is a gorgeous lilac. A downside is that it is in a little pot so you have to use your finger/a lip brush but I can work around that.

 Next are the Miss Sporty Dr Balms in the shades Gossip Kiss and Honeymoon Kiss (an orange and a bright pink). These can probably be compared to the Maybelline Baby Lips as they are more like lipbalms with a bit of moisturisation added. Good smelling and a lovely colour selection.

 The Nivea Soft Rose lipbalm has a very light hint of pink pearl but is very moisturising and leaves my lips soft - great for school.

 Then comes the Soap and Glory Mighty Mouth which is a tingling minty lip gloss that leaves my lips hydrated with a glossy finish.

 Last are the Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balms that I have in the shades Red Dahlia and Hibiscus (red dahlia being a brown/red and hibiscus an orangey coral). These are really moisturising and leave a really saturated colour on the lips - they do whiff a bit of sweat but it can be got over.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post - what are your favourite tinted lip balms/lip balms in general?

Lizzie x

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