Morning Skincare Routine | June/Summer 2013

As you can probably tell, this is my skincare routine. I've been waiting to do this for a while until I found some holy grail products to use but when I realised this wouldn't happen for a long time I thought I'd just do it!

So, it will be split into two posts: one (this one) featuring my morning skincare and another (up in a few days) featuring my nighttime routine and extra skin treats.

About My Skin: I have combination/dry skin that is acne prone and semi-sensitive. I have very sun sensitive skin and sensitive eyes. My t-zone is sometimes oily but mostly dry. My cheeks are oily.


The first step when I wake up is cleansing - if my skin is good I'll use my Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore and Shine Daily Scrub because it isn't too abrasive but leaves my skin feeling clean. However, if my skin isn't so good (ie blemishes and dryness) I'll use the holy grail *bow down to* Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean that I've been using for ages and leaves my skin smooth and clear. I wash them both off with a muslin cloth.


 Next is toner and I use the Simple Soothing Toner that doesn't irritate my eyes or skin and removes any extra dirt.

 SPF comes third and I either use the Avon SPF 50 that has to be re-applied but isn't greasy or oily. If I'm running late I'll use my face and body sunscreen from Nivea as it doesn't break me out and is very water resistant so lasts all day.


Then I moisturise with my Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturiser that keeps my skin as clear as possible and is super light. If my skin is dryer I use the No7 Normal/Dry Day Cream that leaves my skin really moisturised and hydrated.

Then my last step is eye cream - I use this cheap one from Boots as it really moisturises my eyes and leaves them soft and fresh.

So that's my skincare routine part 1 and check back or subscribe via bloglovin, google friend connect or email to be told when it's uploaded - in the meantime tell me what your skin routine is in the comments and what your holy grails are...

Thanks for reading
Lizzie x

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