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Second instalment of this week's post theme - Back To School! These are things I could not live without having in my school bag all the time!

1.) My pencil case
I am incredibly fussy when it comes to stationery and hate borrowing things off other people - I like my pens, pencils and colours! Without this I also wouldn't be a responisble pupil for my teachers *geek*.

2.) An umbrella
I live in the UK and we're famous for our rainy days - they're spontaneous and so an umbrella is always needed daily for a light shower or thunderstorm.

3.) A book
 When teachers are  late for lessons or I have a bit of free time I like to grab a book - I'm loving Ken Follett at the moment - if you're not a reader the TV series(es) are great too!

4.) Water
Whether it's hot or freezing, keeping hydrated is essential for good skin and a healthy lifestyle - we should aim to drink a couple of litres a day!

5.) Beauty Kit
My beauty kit contains lip balm, wipes, paracetamol, hand cream and sanitiser, feminine products, a mini first aid kit and a concealer stick for touch ups. Having a little bag comes in handy - not just for you but for your mates as well!

I hope this helped you whether it's for your handbag or schoolbag!

What am I missing in my beauty bag? What do you carry?

Love, Lizzie x

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