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 It seems like everyone and their mother now has baby lips after about 3 weeks of waiting for them to hit the shelves. I've now had mine for a few weeks and can honestly say I really like them but do I think they're worth the hype?

The shades I purchased were the original 'Hydrate' clear one, the hot pink 'Pink Punch' and a nude called 'Peach Kiss'. One thing that did strike me at first was the amazing scent. I don't recall any lucky American bloggers mentioning the gorgeous smells but if you do get some, give 'em a whiff as they're divine! 
Peach Kiss is very sheer and the perfect pale, slightly shimmery nude shade that looks extremely natural but what do you expect from a tinted lip balm in a shade lighter than most people's natural lip colour? Pink Punch is the star shade for me as it can be left as a sheer baby pink or can be built up to a vivid bright, almost neon, pink. The staying power isn't amazing but then they are lip balms!
They're moisturising, smooth on the lips and the packaging is so super cute! They live up to my expectations fully however, for they hype they did recieve, at the end of the day they are just lip balms and aren't much different to the common offerings from Miss Sporty or plain old Carmex. 

Have you tried Baby Lips? What do you think?

Love, Lizzie

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