Midweek At Home Manicure | Notes on Nail Rehab

After reading Anna's post on Nail Rehab, I realised that my nails hardly ever have nail polish on them. This isn't my choice - if you haven't noticed from the Super Strict School Makeup post, I go to a school where your face (and nails) must always be bare - I've even had my toes checked! One good thing that comes out of having clean nails is that they are super strong and grow really quickly, which is good for me but not so great for my netball team mates *ouch!*. However, once in a while, I like to gove myself a manicure treat and these are the products I use!

1 - Primark Nail File + Buffer
I do have one terribly ridged nail from a door/finger collision so I do buff my nails with this file that costs about £1. Then I file the edges so they're smooth.

2 - Nail Polish Remover
To ensure my nails are clean I take 1 cotton pad and soak it in nail polish remover - my fave is this one with a pump from LIDL! Then I swipe the pad over my nails until they are squeaky clean! 

3 - essie feed me
This hydrating base coat keeps my nails strong whilst adding a little shine so they look healthy - it can be found from boots for £8.99.

4 - hand cream
I have extra dry hands and I need hand cream 24/7 - this soap and glory one smells amazing and keeps them moisturised!

How do you manicure your hands?

Love, Lizzie x


  1. I love hand food! I really need a base coat, would you recommend the Essie one for the price?
    Becky xx


    1. Maybe a bit pricey for an average one - revlon do some nice ones and avon has a gel one which looks cool X


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