Morning Skincare Routine Autumn 2013 | dealing with dry skin, dullness and acne

 I haven't updated y'all on my skincare routines since June and a lot has changed! I'm now worshipping Caroline Hirons and trying to make my routines a lot better! I've seen amazing changes in my skin and it now looks a lot healthier - I still get the occasional breakout from hormones etc. but nothing skincare related which is awesome!

I wake up at 6.30 and after washing my hands to remove any germs I move onto cleansing my face. I've been using the Superfacialist Creamy Cleanser which I didn't like at first but now I love - see my full thoughts in my review. I am switching this up every other month with Soap and Glory's Peaches and Clean cleanser which I loooove but don't want my skin to become 'immune' to.

To tone in the mornings I like to keep it simple and just use a micellar solution - this one from B.Pure is my favourite and it leaves my skin refreshed and ready for moisturiser.

For winter I love this Soap and Glory For Daily Youth moisturiser as it leaves my skin really hydrated and glowing!

I've been on a quest to find a good eye cream and this Boots Vitamin E one is one of those! It's quite thick and leaves my eyes moisturised.

Come back on Thursday to see my Night Time Routine x

Love, Lizzie x

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