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If you know me well, you know I love nothing better than a long night in with a box of milk tray, a bottle of lemonade and a pile of great movies. These are my top 6 (top 5 is just too hard!), all in different categories but my all time fave is and will always be Love Actually.

'Get the Tissues Prepped' Award
Charlie St Cloud

You know its going to happen but I still cry every time I watch this - so sad but so darn happy I just well up at every given moment and I don't cry at much!

'Giggles and Smiles' Award
 The Lorax

This little orange tree guardian is my favourite movie character ever and I love the sweet characters plus music! Adorbs!

'Hold Your Breath Cos It's' Award
 Red Riding Hood

Why couldn't Catherine Hardwicke do all the Twilights? Why!!! This is amazing for watching time and time again as the scarier moments always scare me - I love the ending too!

'Classic' Award
Harry Potter

My favourite is The Goblet of Fire for all the action and characters. I'd love to sing 'Go Go Gryffindor' I've always associated myself with Ravenclaw house - the colour scheme fits me so well! Everyone has to love HP, right!

'The Best' Award
Love Actually

I sob at some parts of this too - so happy, so funny and so many darn good actors and actresses. And as much as my mum would never agree, I want a wedding like Keira Knightly's!

What are your favourite movies? What house would you be in?

Love, Lizzie x

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