Autumn Day Essentials

Autumn is my favourite season BY FAR. It can be really sunny and quite warm, but then it can be bloody freezing and frosty, which is the perfect time to crack out boots, super cosy tights and dresses with jumpers. But there are a few things I tend to associate with an Autumn day in my city, so I'm sharing those today.
On an Autumn morning (provided I don't have school...) I'll wake up around half past 8 and do some kind of dance training or attend a lecture in the morning, which involves a short walk to the tube, where it'll probably be raining: cue umbrella. I would call Autumn 'the rainy season' and an umbrella is definitely an essential to stop you from shivering as you wring out your soggy leggings before practise - not fun.  As it's also a tube journey, I like a little bit of entertainment, so I take a book - currently reading David Nicholls' 'Starter for Ten' as I'm a University Challenge nerd. And it's inevitably going to be cold at half past nine in the morning, so a scarf or snood is required.

My afternoons in Autumn are either spent sniffling - note the need for tissues - or on the sofa watching my favourite romantic comedies (cut the comedy) or just lovey dovey movies. Then in the evening I like to go out, be it with friends or family, and an essential is a berry lip - read up on my favourites here. An chilly evening in London really makes me feel at home, and very exitable for Christmas!

What are your Autumn essentials?

Love, E X

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