The Zzzz Playlist (or music for bedtime)

Today I will be sharing my favourite playlist - my 'Zzzz' playlist. That is, the music I tend to play before I go to bed, whilst I'm winding down, washing my face and getting into my PJs, snapchatting goodnight messages and doing a last instagram check before lights (and Lizzie) are out for the count.
Charlene Soraia - Wherever You Will Go
(This song never fails to make me blub a bit, which henceforth makes me tired)

Daniela Andrade - I Will Follow You Into The Dark (original: Death Cab For Cutie)
(Daniela's voice is so beautiful, I could listen to her covers for days)

Ed Sheeran - Tenerife Sea
(I had to include an Ed, didn't I?)

Fences - From Roses
(An oldie but a goodie, a bit depressing but still iconic)

Jack Bowden - She (original: Doddleoddle)
(Seriously, I came across Jack by chance and fell in love with his voice and HE TWEETED ME! *collapses from fangirling*)

The Neighbourhood - Sweather Weather
(Not just because it's seasonally appropriate... but that is a factor)

The Paper Kites - Bloom
(Because it contains my favourite song lyric ever: 'Oh, the whole world it is sleeping, but my whole world is you' - awwwh!)

Parachute - She Is Love
(This song is love - I had a dream where I was serenaded with this, and now I'm kinda hinting that I want it to come true... except my boyfriend can't sing to save his life *sad face*)

Taylor Swift - All Too Well
(The Grammy's 2014 one, as you can hear the emotion in this one better than the recording... blub)

5 Seconds of Summer - Amnesia
(Just because my best friends would kill me if I didn't have something generically boyband-y on here... though it could be interchanged with 1D 'Little Things')

What songs do you listen to before bed?

Love, E X

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