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It's no secret in my family that I love big lashes, however sometimes, with my fair hair and brows, big bold black lashes can look a tad OTT... but I have a selection of mascaras that will give me big bold black lashes, and some that will make my lashes look a little more natural... but still pretty voluminous and long!

My everyday mascara is the Max Factor False Lash Effect in Waterproof Black/Brown which is perfect for school as it won't smudge and looks natural enough that teachers don't notice - but I can build it up if I need a bit more oomph! Another everyday option is Seventeen Backlash in Black/Brown as it gives a really defined, long lash look, but not so much volume, which is good for a subtle, no-makeup makeup look.

For a bit more vava voom, I love Revlon Bold Laquer in Waterproof Black if I need it to last all night as this adds a doll-eye effect in the way that your lashes look long and voluminous, but can also be slightly clumpy (in a good way). Another good'un is the Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara which just makes your lashes look amazing - long, fluttery, voluminous beauties that I want all the time, but party time is when I tend to crack this one out.

If I find a bad mascara, which can happen, I love adding Magnifibres which are like little fluff fibre thingies that make your lashes really big and bold, but I tend to use these rarely as application can be a bit messy!

What are your favourite mascaras?

Love, E X

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