October Beauty and Random Favourites 2014

I know, I know, I say this every month along with every other blogger, but where did October go? Granted, I'm writing this early as I'm on holiday when this is posted, but still - it's less than a month until I turn 15, less than two until Christmas! Who's excited? (*raises hand* ME ME ME!)
Not too many beauty favourites this month, as I've been consistent with my hair/skin/makeup routines. However, I've been channelling Rosalie from Twilight in my makeup, and so a thin line of black eyeliner became essential - the No7 Stay Precise one is my current favourite. She also tends to have a pale lip, so Revlon Lip Laquer Balm in Demure has been my day lip look, along with a brown-toned blush placed low and concerntrated on the cheeks for that defined vampy look - my favourite is Natural Collection Sugar Plum. As for bodycare, I've started a new tub of The Righteous Butter and am so happy to have it back, for the scent and softness of my limbs!

This month I read Morgan Matson's Since You've Been Gone which was a light and heartwarming but enjoyable read, a good one for a holiday. I also picked up a new gum flavour - Spearmint from M&S, as it's dentist-approved.

Anyone else watch 'Our Girl' on BBC - spoiler alert, but I cried so much in that last episode - couldn't watch a follow up series as, in my opinion, it was the wrong guy - my mother disagrees. If you have no idea what I'm on about, the 5 episodes are stil on iPlayer if you like drama and have a free evening. My best friend is also YouTube obsessed, and has been sending me links all month to cute videos from The Ellen Show - this one is my favourite.

Music-wise, I'm back into Ingrid Michaelson, especially 'The Chain' and 'Girls Chase Boys', and my anthem of the month was 'Please Don't Say You Love Me' by Gabrielle Aplin. 

What are your favourites?

Love, E X

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