My Thought and Views About Sexual Abuse within the Youtube Community

Okay so we're getting a bit more serious today. I'm adding to the ever growing pool of opinions about the recent events occuring around youtube and sexual abuse.
If you're not up-to-date, I'll explain briefly, and to the extent of my knowledge. The first cases I know of are to do with DFTBA and some of their recording artists including Alex Day, who ws one of my favourite youtubers. Note the 'was'. DFTBA have formally apologised and banned these artists and have acknowledged the crimes of taking advantage of fans and asking for inappropriate images of underage fans. Which, in my opinion, is sick.

Recently, Sam Pepper uploaded the alleged 'social experiment' (codswallop, in my opinion) of 'Arse Pinch Prank' - oh haha how funny THAT'S SEXUAL ABUSE and it shouldn't be labelled as a 'prank' or 'social experiment'. And then we have heard multiple brave, brave girls speak of Sam and how he sexually harassed them, raped them and many other awful things. Then we had the 'outing' of Jason from VeeOneEye by Ania, a beautiful brave girl who deserves so much respect for the guts she showed. Jason got her drunk then sexually exploited her. She was 15. I'll link her video here. He then made a video admitting to this and justifying it by saying he 'didn't know it was wrong' - how, no matter what your upbringing, could you not know that was wrong?This video has now been made private.

I have hated reading the comments - people have accused the girls of lying, of wearing clothes to provoke the sick individuals - the victim is never to blame. Never. End of story.

My favourite videos were those by BriBry on the 'Lifeofbribry' channel, Jack Howard, NikiNSammy and TheThirdPew. Have a watch.

Please join me and many other people who believe that these youtubers should be banned and convicted. Thank you.

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