Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon Review

Ooh a Lush review - and a rosy one at that! I used up this bubble bar over Christmas to add to my rosy scent whilst using rose jam shower gel, and it worked!
I can find hardly any cons with this product - in terms of value for money, the bubbleroons are some of the cheaper bubble bars, with the Rose Jam option coming in at only £3.65, and this bar lasted me 4 baths but could have lasted more. 

The scent of this bar also lingers, and leaves my skin really soft but doesn't affect my hair if I wash it in the bathwater. It creates many bubblles even with 1/4 of the bar also, far more than a bubble bath.

The ingredients in this are pretty awesome too - rose oil is balancing and restorative, coconut oil is softening and moisturising, shea butter is nourishing and hydrating, and geranium oil is toning and balancing, so this product is full of good stuff to make your skin look even better than before!

Have you tried any Lush bubble bars?

Love, E X

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