10 Things I Love About Poetry

 If I coudn't get any nerdier... I'm into poetry. Lang Leav's couple of books are my favourites, and here's why:

1 - poetry makes me think

2 - it makes difficult issues easier to comprehend

3 - performance poetry is way more interesting to listen to on the tube than music

4 - there is so much variety

5 - poetry is also in music

6 - the books are always pretty

7 - you gain brownie points with your English teacher

8 - you end up rhyming your speech a lot

9 - quoting poems makes you seem super smart

10 - you can write it too

My favourite poets are Stevie Smith, Brenna Twohy and Lang Leav - give some of their work a read - I recommend Brenna Twohy's 'Another Rape Poem'.

Love, E X

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