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I have a lot of parties coming up (and that have already happened) so I thought I'd share what I do just before I go out in order to prepare for a party. I take a couple of hours usually to get ready for a big party or night out, including doing my hair//makeup//having a bath. I also like to have a snack before I go out to line my stomach and drink a large glass of water to prevent dehydration.
The products I use are the best I've found for their uses:

Mitchum deodorant - no one likes a shwetty betty on the dancefloor and Mitchum deodorants are my absolute favourites - especially the unscented ones as they don't affect the scent of your perfume.

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel - I love this sweet rosy scent, and it works as a shaving gel too. I use it on a shower puff for added exfoliation too.

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub - a lot of Lush loving in this post! It's Winter, therefore I can get slightly chapped lips, and parties are sometimes the occasion for some lip action (*wink-wink*); nobody likes a dry kiss! These scrubs lift all dead skin whilst tasting and smelling amazing!

Botanics Radiant Youth Scrub - ooh she's a good'un! The scrub particles are small as sand and remove all the dry patches on my skin and the microdermabrasion elements assist in fading dark spots for the long term. It's a good idea to use an exfoliating product before a mask so as to not apply a mask to dead skin cells.

Origins Out of Trouble Mask - I use this just before I get ready (not in the bath) as it only takes 10 minutes to work and makes my skin a lot smoother and gets me 'out of trouble' if I have any larger zits. It is also quite cooling, which stops you having a puffy or bloated face.

Superdrug Colour Effects 'Cool Blonde' - I love the look of fresh blonde hair, but even though I don't usually dye my hair, I find that my natural colour is brighter after a salon appointment. However, I don't always have the time or money to have a professional blow dry or cut before every party, so I use this semi permanent dye to give my hair a great look without warm gingery tones PLUS it's conditioning and super cheap at £1.99 (aka wayy less than a cut and blow dry!).

Toni and Guy Heat Protectant - my favourite hair do is to straighten or curl, but blow drying on top of this is quite damaging so I use a good heat protectant to prevent my hair from frazzling or becoming more damaged!

What are your favourite pre-party products?

Love, E X

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