Three Disappointing Dry Shampoos

My father and I have quite a lot in common, one of these things being our love of dry shampoo - therefore, anytime I try a new one, I tend to lend it to him too. And let's just say that neither of us really loved any of these.
The Good: Pantene Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo

Now this Pantene one did okay; it just wasn't anything too special. It was a clear, mist-like liquid that left my roots slightly moist for a minute but removed some of the oiliness. However, it leaked everywhere even with its cap on and left my hair ties very damp indeed.

The Bad: CoLab New York Dry Shampoo

Sorry Ruth! I love you but I just couldn't love your dry shampoo. The smell was divine and it lingered only because I had to use SO MUCH of this for it to do anything to my hair, and even then it didn't remove the oils or provide any volume. 

The Ugly: VO5 Refresh Me Quick

Eugh. This one left my hair sticky and didn't remove any oils at all. It didn't smell bad or good, just a bit strange, and the packaging is a bit mehh too. I'll stick to Batiste thank you very much.

What's your favourite dry shampoo?
Love, E X

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