The January Playlist

The top 10 songs I'm listening to this month - rock to pop to country: I'm not fussy!
1 - Arctic Monkeys 'Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?' - I may or may not have sang this on the tube accidently... I think my fellow tube-goers enjoyed hearing a bit of AMs.

2 - Ariana Grande ft The Weeknd 'Love Me Harder' - not one to play in front of your Grandma due to some slightly explicit themes however this song is addictive.

3 - Birdy 'Tee Shirt' - I love this girl's voice and pretty much listen to her before bed every night just as she's so calming.

4 - Doddleoddle (Dodie Clark) 'Little Room' - firstly, if you don't watch Dodie's YouTube videos YOU MUST they are amazing as is she, and secondly, this made me cry and want to hug my bedroom 7,000,000 times as a thank you: listen, and you'll understand #thefeels.

5 - George Ezra 'Listen to the Man' - how did he convince Sir Ian McKellen to be in that video? I love Mr Ezra's voice and the video for this is spot on - so entertaining!

6 - Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova 'Falling Slowly' - any other lovers of Once here? This is my favourite song EVER and I was very pleased when a friend of mine and his sister covered this so superbly.

7 - Lorde 'Team' - I want this played at my wedding, it's such an amazing message and the whole thing reminds me of Lana Del Rey a bit.

8 - Tim McGraw and Gwyneth Paltrow 'Me and Tennessee' - a rediscovery found by searching more songs covered by my friend (sadly unavailable for the public due to them being private on facebook); this one is from the movie Country Strong and I just want to sing it ALL THE TIME.

9 - Noah and the Whale '2 Atoms in a Molecule' - a short song but a good one; this band is one of my favourites and the short verses make it memorable, plus the lyrics make perfect captions for instagram photos or ootds ;)

10 - 5 Seconds of Summer 'English Love Affair' - can I get an OH YEAH for Michael's vocals on this track? "OH YEAH!" Now I'm waiting to be Luke's English love affair... what? A girl can dream...

What are your favourite songs?

Love, E X

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