Primark 'Sales' Haul January 2014

 January sales shopping is one of my favourite pastimes at this time of year, however Primark doesn't usually do sales, but this year they've had some good deals on that I have taken advantage of and thought I'd share.

First thing I picked up were these gorgeous suede-esque cobalt blue pumps, which were only £3 to begin with, but I paid just £2 for them. They fit well for pumps that aren't from a wide-fit range, however I sized up to a 6 (I'm usually a 5 on the smaller size).

I also found this slightly cropped grey and black striped top with 3/4 length sleeves. The material is quite thick, and with a substantial zip on the back. This was originally £6, but I piad just £3.

These costume jewellery-esque rings were on sale for 50 pence for the 4, and the gems are good quality and a good size. I like that two are midi rings and two are 'normal' rings, all in different colours.

 These rings were £1 (I think) and came with rings for all fingers (the red stone fits my thumb perfectly). My favourite is the blue ring (on my ring finger in the picture) as it reminds me of Kate Middleton's engagement ring... what can I say, I'm a royalist!

Last is the only full price item; these bangles with a triangle, circle and hexagon embedded in them. They fit my tiny wrists slightly largely so for normal-sized wrists, they may come up slightly small. They make a nice statement piece for casual outfits.

Have you had a look in Primark recently?

Love, E X

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