Kiko Mosaic Blush in Luminous Baby Pink Review

When in Italy, do as the Italians do: that is, buy makeup from Kiko! We now have a few Kiko stores in England however Italy has the best selection of products at cheaper prices (for sale in the UK I think they just changed the Euro symbol to Pounds). I picked up a few bits whilst there so expect a few reviews shortly - my favourite purchase was this limited edition blush, an impulse buy at the checkout due to its beautiful packaging and gorgeous colour.

Swatched, it doesn't look too special, however on the cheeks it gives a bright glow and looks very natural - just what I look for in a blush! Even after a good few swatches the pattern on the blush hasn't faded - the pale pink, brown-pink and deep reddish shades are still as visible as on its first opening!

The packaging feels very luxurious - heavy with a good mirror in the lid and sturdy clasp. The price is reasonable - £11.90 (or 11.90 Euro) and it's available in the UK currently as part of the 'Generation Next' collection - the other colours (Inspiration Rose Coral, New Sand Rose and Hypnotic Mauve) look equally as pretty.

Have you tried any Kiko products?

Love, E X

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