March Favourites 2015

Where did the month go? I feel like my half term break was only five minutes ago and now it's Easter and I'm off to Siena in just a couple of days. Crazy. Anyway, I have a few favourite things to share with you this month so let's crack on.
I never used to wear perfume everyday but I've had my Harajuku Lovers Super G scent for absolutely ages so I thought it best to use it up, and I've been wearing it to school everyday and getting quite a few compliments! It's a super sweet girly scent with floral hints but it isn't too heavy for everyday. It has been discontinued from most stores but I did find it on Amazon.

Being at a strange time with my hair has left me with no inspiration or encouragement to wash it often as it just looks limp and lifeless (someone needs a haircut...). Instead, I've been using the new Eden Batiste Dry Shampoo which smells heavenly, plus Batiste really is the only dry shampoo for me.

Another bad skin month, another time when I try to strip back my skincare to the bare minimum; this month's cleanser was the Simple Gel Cleanser which doesn't feel stripping, has no soap in it and just leaves me with clean feeling skin. A good all-rounder.

Makeup has been kept simple - my powder of choice is the elf clarifying pressed powder - an oldie but a lifetime favourite - which I have been applying with a flat top kabuki from this set and my most-worn lip colour is the L'Oreal Caresse in Tempting Lilac as it's such a flattering purple colour that suits my skintone and is unique without looking crazy.

Onto the random favourites: my best friend has been collecting kinder egg toys as she bought a giant box of 48 from Costco, and so gave me the duplicates - these are Tinkerbell fairies and I love them!

I was also sent a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime this month and I am in love however, for over £70, probably won't renew it (*pleads to father to buy it because 'he really needs it'*). I've been watching The Walking Dead and am obsessed: so many cliffhangers! And then That Awkward Moment and I Give It A Year were such good funny movies for girls' night!

My music library for March has been ruled by Sara Bareilles ('King of Everything' and 'I Choose You') and also Rusty Clanton - I'm humming 'Socks' in my sleep! Also, Dodie Clark's new song 'Pas De Deux' is my new favourite of her's!

March favourites of yours?

Love, E X

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