Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds

Whenever I feel as though I need a treat, I buy myself a Lush Bubble Bar: in my opinion, they're the most economical products from Lush as they last ages (I'm talking about 8 baths out of this one, at least) and create so many lovely bubbles, as well as not leaving your skin feeling gooey (Fun, I'm looking at you) or super dry (soaps are a no-no for those of us, like myself, who have eczema). They're the bomb (dot com). So I picked up one this month to congratulate myself for surviving another maths lecture, fyi the best excuse ever. 

This one is named 'Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds' and has a refreshing light scent of patchouli and frankincense which is super relaxing and great to just lie back in and soak up. The 'clouds' or bubbles are huge and plentiful with just a small chunk, and don't melt away quickly either.

Overall, one of my favourites for under a fiver (or £4.75 to be specific). The colour and product is so cute before we break it up, and so tumblr-worthy.

What's your favourite product from Lush?

Love, E X

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