The Siena Playlist

For those of you who were unaware, I return from Siena, Italy today, however I thought I would share the 10 songs I'll be playing (and singing, and blasting in my best friend's ear) throughout my trip.

Sara Bareilles 'I Choose You' - I love this song so much, it's so uplifitng and lovely and THE VIDE! Just watch it. I'll even link it -  YouTube

Luke Friend 'Hole In My Heart' - Luke was my favourite on X Factor 2013 so it was natural that I would love his first single - it has the sweetest snippet of 'hole in my bucket' which was what my Grandad used to sing to me as a kid so I just think it's cute.

James Bay 'Hold Back The River' - no one dislikes this song - it's just the best feel-good hit that makes me want to hug someone.

Natalie Holmes 'The Simplest Things' - this was the music for someone's lookbook and I spent ages trying to find the song, but the last bit is my favourite.

Gavin James 'The Book of Love' - Gavin James is a new discovery of mine but he's a great artist, and this cover is seriously addictive.

Rusty Clanton 'Novels' - since Dodie Clark introduced this to me, I've been obsessed - it's the best song. No lie.

First Aid Kit 'Emmylou' - I'm seriously late to the party on this one, but FAK is a great band and their songs are easy to sing along to.

Kate Nash 'Do Wah Doo' - if you know me, you know I love Kate Nash til the end. All of her songs are symbolised in just one as filling this entire playlist with Kate Nash might be overkill.

Selena Gomez 'Hit The Lights' - a great song that goes hand in hand with my favourite saying 'well why the hell not?' - it just tells you to do what you want or you'll regret it.

Alex and Sierra 'Little Do You Know' - gosh I love this song. The little melodies just make me melt, simple as.

What are your favourite songs?

Love, E X

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