What's on my iPhone?

 So I recently bought an iPhone 5 after my beloved HTC died; it was a short mourning period as I love my iPhone so much! Just after I got it, I read a lot of 'What's on my iPhone' style posts in order to get the right apps - so here's what's on my iPhone.

My lockscreen picture is a photo of myself (second from right) and some of my best friends in Pisa on our last school trip - it's on of my favourite photos and reminds me to appreciate my friends so everytime I open my phone I smile.

The first page has the basic apps on it - calendar, photos, camera, weather, clock, videos, notes, reminders, iTunes, App store, settings, my 'extras' folder which has apps like calculator and health in it which I don't use, safari, mail and game center. 

Then my own apps start - google maps is, in my opinion, better than the maps app on the iPhone and I just prefer it, then QuizUp is a game/quiz app with a lot of different quizzes that you can play against people from around the world, Pinterest (I'm 'ablushingblonde'), DailyHoroscope as I love reading my horoscope, music which I don't tend to use as I have my iPod.

Along with these I have my base apps which I use most - phone, Snapchat, Instagram (@hi_lizziep) and messages.

On the second page is the BBC News app so I can stay up-to-date, Google for translations and all-around searching, InstaEditor, my favourite photo-editing app at the moment, GMail, Find iPhone, Messenger as it's how I talk to quite a few of my friends, Dumb Ways to Die as I like the game, Back to Sleep, which was the free game on the app store one week, AA, also known as the most annoying game after Flappy Bird, WhatsApp, how I talk to most of my friends, Facebook, Youtube.

Some more interesting apps are We Heart It, which is similar to Pinterest, CityMapper which is great for getting around London, TubeMap which is exactly what it says on the tin, Bus Times for London as although I prefer the tube sometimes a bus is necessary, and ASOS as I love their clothes!

So that's what's on my iPhone - am I missing any apps?

Love, E X

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