Spring Primark Haul May 2015

I rarely go a week without popping into Primark, but recently I haven't been finding much in there that I like, however I did pick up a couple of things this week that I thought you'd like to see.
The first thing I picked up was this rounded hairbrush with a daisy print which I have had my eye on for a while but never purchased, however for £1.50 I decided that I would this time. I also found another pack of toothbrushes, this time in pastel colours with softer bristles, as the last ones were too harsh for my teeth. Obviously I needed another grey t-shirt as the about 5 (*cough* eight) aren't enough - but this one is really soft and for £3 it will get a lot of wear and use.


After a battle with about six hangers, I managed to grab this cropped vest top, which as a description doesn't really do it justice. It has a beautiful print to it and is on two levels, both of which are full length underneath and are made out of a heavy cotton. It's edge is finished with little dots and it has normal vest straps as well as crossover straps at the back. It so doesn't feel or look like Primark and at £6 was the biggest bargain in there!

I needed to replace some old pyjama shorts so I chose this pair with pink hearts on them for £2.50 in a lightweight cotton, and a grey vest for £2.50 also to go with them, which together make the perfect pair of summer PJs. Finally, the scent of this candle at the checkout convinced me to buy it too for £1.50 - it's watermelon and citronella, and smells divine!

Have you bought anything in Primark recently?

Love, E X

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