Prime Team

Say hello to the 'Prime Team' AKA my fail-proof trio of eyeshadow bases that see my eyeshadow through 12-hour days in the grime of London to the melting heat of any holiday destination. They each keep me crease-free while not leaving my eyelids greasy or bobbly (trust me, one bad primer and everything goes nasty).

Too Faced Shadow Insurance is one that a lot of American bloggers seem to love and I do too - I've had my tube for a while now and it's still going strong. I'd say it's a bit more liquidy that the other two options, and pricier too, however is good if you're looking to splurge a bit more on your base. They have a couple of options too (I think one with some shimmer and  a yellow-toned one possibly?) but this is just sheer and invisible.

The Essence I Heart Stage Base was something I picked up when essence firct launched in the UK and I have loved it ever since - it's very thick and although the shade is quite orange and dark, it's what I go to if I'm doing a bold nighttime eye look with glitter as it holds everything down like glue.

Lastly, the elf Mineral Eyeshadow Base is an oldie but a goodie - I prefer it to the cheaper elf one as this has an almost mousse-like consistency but is sheer and keeps my eyeshadow crease free simply with no-fuss.

What do you prime your eyes with?

Love, E X

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