Conquering Your Fears

Yesterday, I overcame one of my biggest lifelong fears: rollercoasters.
I have been deathly afraid of rollercoasters for as long as I can remember, possibly due to my mother's constant comments on how terrifying, dangerous and unsafe they are. My fear even spiked so high as to have cried in the queue and throughout the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' ride at Disneyland, and been incredibly angry afterwards (age 10) when forced onto it by my dad. And that's not even that scary.
However, when I was invited out for the day by a group of my friends to Thorpe Park I almost declined. But deep down I knew I wanted to crush this fear I'd held onto for so long.
So I said yes.
The entire time queuing up for Stealth - our first ride of the day - I was shaking. I was petrified that something was going to go wrong. Yet I remained in that queue, held my mate's hand incredibly tightly, and strapped myself in.
It was eight seconds of pure adrenaline, screams and excitement.
The only question I could think was: why haven't I done this before!?
Follwoing this, we went on Logger's Leap, Nemesis Inferno, the new I'm A Celebrity 'Maze' (which was pretty fun), Rumba Rapids (hilarious group photos), Tidal Wave (where we were absolutely drenched!), Swarm and then Saw.
Standing in the queue for Saw was the one point where I wanted to turn around and run. The ride from the outside looked deadly - that one brutal drop. I said to my (also very nervous) friend 'if I leave will you?'. She was about to reply when my best friend's amazing boyfriend turned me round, grabbed me by the shoulders, looked me in straight the eyes and said:
You are going on this ride. I know that you can do this. Don't let yourself down now.
And I did it. Admittedly, I did scream my head off, and the fact that you can't predict when you'll go over is terrifying, but it was fun and exhilerating and I would go back on it ten times over. Thanks Charlie, for proving me wrong.
Conquer your fears; you never know what they're holding you back from.
Love, E X
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