DIY Anthropologie Gold Monogrammed Mugs (using a Sharpie!)


I don't think I've mentioned my love of DIY projects on my blog before, however I really do enjoy making homeware or fashion pieces using everyday items to make something original and unique. 

I spotted some of these golden letter mugs in Anthropologie quite a few months back, thought they were beautiful, however couldn't justify the high pricetag. Then they popped up on my instagram feed and I knew I really wanted one, however at around £10 each, I knew I could make them cheaper.

For this DIY you will need:

A white mug (mine was from the IKEA 365+ collection for £1.50)
A gold Sharpie (or another colour of your choice)
Double-sided tape
Clear tape
Printer and computer
Stanley knife (or other precise cutting tool, e.g. X-Acto Knife)

Begin by measuring your mug to adjust the font size of your letter.

Using a text program, play around with fonts, bold lettering, sizes and cases until you decide which you would prefer for your mug. (I used Times New Roman in bold, size 210)

Print your letters and cut around the letter in a square. Ensure it fits onto the mug to your liking.

Cover the back of the square with double-sided sticky tape - ensure the whole letter with the space around it is covered.

Cut out the letter with a Stanley knife or cutting tool - be very careful, and save any extra inside pieces, e.g. the triangle inside the letter A.

Remove the layer of tape, and stick very carefully onto your mug - make sure it is straight and all edges are stuck down securely.

Fill in the letter - it doesn't matter if you go over the edges: that's what the paper is for! I would recommend using long strokes with the Sharpie as opposed to colouring it in and speading the ink around.


Remove the tape and paper once the Sharpie is dry - do this carefully, and in sections, cutting pieces off as you go.

I decided to colour the handles of my mug too, however this is optional. Make sure you cover around where the handle meets the mug to stop the Sharpie marking the cup. 

Clean up the edges using a little nail polish remover, fill in any spaces and bake for 40 minutes in a 200 degree oven (it is recommended to double-bake them to really seal in the Sharpie).

And voila! Your mug is ready to be used as a mug for hot drinks, pencil pot, plant pot, or whatever else you can think of to use it for!

Making this DIY cost me £1.50 for the mug, plus £2 for the Sharpie - £3.50 is a lot less than the £10 Anthropologie was charging, and I can make many more from that one Sharpie! Brilliant!

What would you like to see a DIY of soon?

Love, E X

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