Things I've Learnt This School Year

Today is my last day of year 10 - year 11 is going to be scary, quick and stressful. I thought I'd reflect upon the non academic lessons I learned this year, as it comes to a close.

My School Rocks at Drama - seriously, school productions this year have been fabulous, including Spamalot and The Crucible to name a small fraction, and I am so proud of my friends who are amazing actors and actresses, and so bummed that I can't act to save my life.

Friendships Change - this year, my biggest friendship has changed beyond belief, and I am so happy to be finally breaking free and escaping from toxicity. The people you think will be your friends for life sometimes won't be, and that's okay. People change, and it's not good to stay in an unhealthy relationship, whatever type of relationship that may be.

Amazing People Exist - somewhat following on from the last point, you may feel as though you'll never find better people, or be alone after you break out of a friendship - you are wrong. There are great people here who you will feel as though you should have been friends with them from the start. Thank you friends, I love you.

Single Pringle, Not Necessarily Ready To Mingle - it's okay to be single! I love it, as it allows me to focus on my friends and be as happy as I can with myself before finding someone else. Plus, if you're not obsessed with finding someone else, you may just find someone will pop out at you - and it feels great to say 'no, maybe some other time.'

Appreciate Your Weekends - and make use of them! Have an adventure, go out for lunch, see your friends! Use your time wisely and enjoy it, as you'll regret not doing more that what you did.

What have you learned so far this year?

Love, E X

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