Makeup Collection and Storage Blog UK 2015 Edition

Hello everyone! Today I decided to update you on how I store my makeup as I recently changed it up a bit (it has changed numerous times since my last collection post in 2013!).

Before I began re-organising I did clear out a lot of old/neglected makeup and so now the majority of my collection fits into these clear acrylic drawers from Muji - I have 3 of the wide two drawer sets if you're wondering. 

The lace-lookalike plant pot is from Ikea, the mug is from Sanderson at John Lewis and is the Dandelion Clocks print, and the lipstick organiser is from Amazon.

On top of the drawers and in the top drawer are lip products - most of my lipsticks fit into a 24-hole lipstick organiser which you can pick up online and from some TK Maxx stores. I have a variety of lipglosses, pencils, crayons and other lip colours in the top drawer laying flat.

The second drawer holds some eye products; primers, brow products and my most-used single eyeshadows and bases.

Then I have a drawer full of blush as it's my favourite makeup product - to the left are my 4 elf studio line blushes, and all of my Natural Collection ones.

Here's a bronzing/contouring/highlighting drawer - it has a random Natural Collection blush in it because it works similarly to MAC Harmony in giving a subtle warm contour.

Then I have a concealer and powder drawer - this changes the most often as I use up concealer and powder frequently and quickly. My favourite concealer at the moment is the Maybelline Fit Me.

Finally, here are my most-used foundations and all my primers - I keep them in the bottom drawer as, due to the glass bottles, this is the heaviest drawer.

I keep other eye products (mascara, eyeliner) in a mug by the side of the drawers for easy access - this ensures that I use my mascaras regularly and get rid of them when they are 3-6 months old.

The rest of my makeup is in an old beauty box lid and makeup bag in the drawer underneath my 'desk' (a 3 drawer Malm unit from Ikea). There are mostly palettes in the box, and sponges/makeup tools in the bag.

How do you store your makeup?

Love, E X

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