January Favourites 2016

Well the first month of 2016 sure passed quickly: I had mock exams and study leave, which meant I lived in my school uniform and onesie for about 2 weeks solid, and I spent a lot of time with my extended family to welcome the new year.
I have a few beauty favourites. I've been using the Botanics Radiance Balm to perk up my tired skin in the morning as, for school, I haven't been bothering with makeup, as this makes my skin look a little brighter and glowier. 
The Gosh Classic Primer was a new addition to my collection and it's been working well - very silicone based however keeps my makeup in place and minimises pores. A good product.
Two lipstick loves are my Kylie Jenner-inspired colour MUA Fawn Fancy which is the most fabulous, chic matte lipstick for just £1! Crazy! Also, Revlon Black Cherry has been on my lips at least once a week since November, either as a stain, berry, pink or dark plum lip. It's my winter staple colour now!
For my body, the Sanctuary Spa Body Scrub has been keeping me smooth whilst not being too strong or abrasive. I love the original Sanctuary scent, as it reminds me of growing up with my Grandma as she always had a candle with this scent burning, and had the hand cream too.
If you've seen my little haul last month, you'll know that I've been constantly wearing my Lady Million scent as it's so sophisticated, yet girly at the same time. I also have the body lotion in my handbag to top up the scent throughout the day. 
My music favourite is definitely Oh Wonder and their song Shark - the entire tone of the song relaxes me. I've also loved the collaboration between Tom Rosenthal and Dodie Clark which created Years Years Bears, a completely random but still amazing song.
As for TV, I've rewatched all of Scandal, and saw seasons six and seven of The Office US and cried as *spoiler alert* Michael proposed to Holly, and Jim and Pam's baby was born. Castle season seven was devoured within a weekend, I love it that much.
I also have a favourite app - I ordered some more polaroids from Cheerz and they were shipped quickly and were perfectly printed also - am very excited to put those up in my room now.

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