10 Things to see/do/eat: Andalucia, Spain


Finally, it's my Andalucia travel guide! I travelled to this southern Spanish region last May, and it has to be one of my favourite holidays we went on. My family and I stayed in a villa in Nerja, which some say is a little tacky, however the waterfront was lovely and I didn't think it was particularly tacky - no more than other tourist towns! 
However, here are 10 things you should do or eat or see if you travel to Andalucia:
1: See Torrox Beach
Torrox was another town that was meant to be tacky, however the waterfront was beautiful, and there were quite a few inviting restaurants, however the fish restaurant right at the end of the seafront (it's on  a corner, covered in wood) was where we had the most amazing seafood paella!
2: Visit 'Loro Sexi' Bird Park, Almuñecar
Now, Almuñecar town wasn't all that exciting, but this little bird park was fab - there were so many amazing birds, but also meerkats and other small animals; a great alternative to water parks or zoos out of season.
3: Eat Helado in Malaga
Helado if you haven't already guessed is Spanish for ice cream - Malaga had a huge, amazing ice cream place in the centre (on their high street) which had too many flavours to pick from, as well as frozen yoghurt and smoothies.
4: See the Alhambra, Granada
If you're going to Andalucia, you must visit the Alhambra in Granada - this Moorish palace and gardens is absolutely beautiful, but you must book far in advance in order to get tickets.
5: Do the Happy Train tour of Granada
Alongside your Alhambra visit, this train tour isn't expensive (3/4Euro) and gives you a great viewing of the city, with multi-lingual handsets too.
6: Eat on the beach
Beachfront restaurants are the way to go for inexpensive seafood that's still super tasty. Nerja's seafront had a few cheerful restaurants and bars, but the best ones were in smaller seatowns.
7: See the Moroccan area of Granada
So many Moorish buildings, beautiful crafted walls and so many cute shops with amazing lights (see first picture) in which you just want to buy everything! The spice market here was fab too.
8: Eat at a cafe in Granada
Granada is home to some lovely small cafes; we ate in one in the main square, where they served the best chicken sandwich I have ever had at a very reasonable price.
9: See the Alcazaba, Malaga
Yes, it is different to the Alhambra - it's a lot cheaper (not as big however), but has more mosaics, tiling and greenery inside. Absolutely stunning views over Malaga town too.
10: Visit the Jardín Botánico-Histórico La Concepción, Malaga
This is better than Kew! It's a huge green garden, with so much to see and a cafe which serves yummy toasties! We could've spent a whole day here, there's so much to see. Just watch out for temperamental sprinklers - one soaked my dad!
(Bonus 11: See Sephora in Granada - it's quite a big one and there's a lot of brands in there for my fellow beauty geeks to take a look at!)

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