5 Things to do at home this weekend

While weekends can be a great time to get out and about (ideas on this in a post coming soon), they're also useful to do things within the comfort of your own home. Whether there's bad weather, or you just feel like staying in; here are a few ideas.
1: Fill a frame - making collages of images or memories is a great way to fill time and remmeber good times past.
2: Exercise - put on an exercise DVD, play a dance game or WiiFit, go onto YouTube and watch Blogilates or something similar.
3: Read a book - it's a great way to escape and also learn.
4: Clean - nothing better than a bit of spring cleaning to clear the mind and declutter the thoughts before a busy week, and cleaning can also relieve stress.
5: Paint your nails - if you're a busy person, painting your nails may seem like a waste of time during the week, or a luxury, however it's a quick and easy way to pamper yourself.

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