20 Things to do before I'm 20

My recent realisation that in just 2 years I'd be at university hit me like a ton of bricks, and I made this list of things I want to do before I graduate. 
1: See 2 more countries - not 2 holidays, but countries! I want to see more of the world, and I have 4 years to do it, which isn't so hard.
2: Get something pierced - granted, I'll be piercing my ears pretty soon, but I want a couple more cartillage piercings before I'm 'grown up'.
3: Start an etsy - I am quite a creative person, and if even one person buys something I made, that would be cool.

4: Find something I'm passionate about - currently, nothing in my life makes me so super happy that I could see myself doing it forever. I want to find that something.

5: Learn how to cook 10 more dishes - I can make a mean Quorn chilli, and my pasta dishes are fab, but I need to be able to cook more things!

6: Get those tattoos - there are some small designs I always have drawn on in biro that I really want tattooed, so I want those done.

7: Go on a tube adventure - get on a tube, and get off at a random stop, walk until you find another station, then go again.

8: Get a job - any real job. Work in Starbucks, sell Millie's Cookies, become a secretary. Something!

9: Go on holiday with my friends - my girls are my world, and a holiday with them would be utterly amazing.

10: Sort out old arguments - end hard feelings; it's not worth holding onto that.

11: One more Thorpe Park trip - for the fun, screaming, and adrenaline action that it is.

12: Go to a festival - I can't believe I turned Glastonbury tickets down for this year - but next year, it would be amazing to go to any festival for the experience and music, of course.

13: Read 25 books - doesn't seem too many for 4 years, but during exam time and stressful times, I'm too lax with reading.

14: Learn how to drive - and take the test. No, I don't want a car, but knowing how and having the licensing to prove it would be good.

15: Write 7 essays on things that matter to me - it's my book, and I already have 2 of them, the most recent being 'And she said "You know there's something wrong when your boyfriend says he feels like a rapist"' about the concept of virginity. Maybe I'll publish it sometime, if you're interested.

16: Buy myself a nice lipstick in Liberty - and smile at the sales assistant.

17: Co-host a party - this is happening soon, but it's still something I can tick off a list.

18: Dye my hair a crazy colour - not just purple ends, but bleach and pastel and the whole shebang.

19: Meet one of my inspirations - I already met Doddleoddle, aka Dodie Clark, but I'd also love to meet a few other people who inspire me.

20: Spend a day with my Great Grandma - a little time one-to-one would be nice, as we haven't had that since I was a child.

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